"Life is happening to us." Right?


The better serving belief only begins to take shape by answering:

Who Am I? How was I programmed? Who programmed me? And when did it all begin?

Get to know yourself on a deeper level. This is the beginning of breaking out of ... all the boxes ;)

Join to be inspired!

"It was such a wonderful experience to join this life coaching workshop. I learned alot about life and brain techniques and meditation. Many thanks for the intelligent coach Hoda Zekavat <3"

  • Rashad Idris 

"I didn’t really know what to expect from my session with Hoda, it was a truly eye opening and deeply moving experience. She gave me some tools to change my mindset and I feel like they have already had a positive impact. I can truly recommend her to anyone who is looking for some guidance and inspiration in their lives."

  • Eva Japp

"My experience with Hoda Zekavat couldn't have been better. She empowered me with great tools to deliver a better public speech, made me feel completely safe, relaxed and gain confidence in our session. She is a very sensitive and practical person. That means that she not only noticed me and my own needs, crafting something to my limitations and urgency but she managed to do that in a very short period of time, so I could see results instantly. It was amazing to see someone who can not only see how you could improve but also take you there in such a straightforward, smooth and fulfilling way. Thank you <3"

  • Livia Zimermann

"Having a one-to-one session with Hoda is like having the benefit of reading 100s of books and getting all of her wisdom on a weekly basis. She has totally changed my perspective on life. Her positive energy is contagious and it really just does something for my spirit. She has motivated me in every step of my professional and my personal life.

I feel truly blessed to have met you and through you so many other beautiful people. Thank you Hoda!"

  • Amra Kötschau-Krilic

The coaching session with you was fantastic! Thank you! A new door was being opened. I highly recommend Hoda. You would love her charming way to bring you a step ahead. Many thanks.

  • Hazel HooHerzog

Hi, I’m Hoda.

Having gone through a painful and lengthy journey of shifting my mind and life, my passion is to extend my tool-kit for transformation to you in a shorter, more fun way!